Jesus taught us that God's Kingdom is not of this world. Jesus offers us a way to live our life with the promise of eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven. The message of Jesus is one of humility, charity and brotherly love.

The mission of Jesus the Christ Ministry is to proclaim the Kindgom of God and to celebrate Jesus Christ by reaching out to children, families, and those yearning for a deeper understanding of their lives. The purpose of our ministry is to evangelize this message through the production and distribution of I Am Jesus the Christ books and Jesus the Christ dolls; to donate books to sick and needy children; to support other charitable organizations who provide caring services to children of the poor, homeless and disadvantaged;

to help bring about an awareness and cause a positive change in a culture of violence, abuse and neglect that is often overlooked or accepted in entertainment; to renew the loving spirit of Christianity through the words of Jesus Christ.


Proclaiming the Kingdom of God and Celebrating Jesus Christ

Jesus the Christ Ministry

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Kingdom of God Books,

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Proceeds from the sales of Kingdom of God Books, Dolls and Toys help fund the Jesus the Christ Ministry.  One hundered percent of your donation is used for charitable purposes.

Our mission is to proclaim the Kingdom of God and Celebrate Jesus Christ.  

Jesus the Christ Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

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